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Regarding Food Sovereignty. Social Sciences seminar 2013, 5th session.

Since the mid-1990s, groups of farmers’ unions throughout the world have emphasized the concept of food sovereignty. The issue has become prominent in international politics in reaction to an ever-increasing liberalization of food markets. According to its supporters, food sovereignty means the “right of peoples […] to define their own food and agricultural systems.” First and fore most, the concept is made relevant by its actual capacity to spur social movements. By turning to this concept, they put emphasis on the fact that global issues regarding food should be addressed as political rather than merely technical. While it had long remained an anti-globalization slogan, it has recently been included in national legislations and has become an object for academic research. This session will explore implicit underlying notions of sovereignty behind this particular concept of food sovereignty: who wields that sovereignty? On what scale? What kind of implementation do its supporters contemplate? Within what types of trade organization can it be resorted to?

Coordinators: E. Botte, C. Courrier, J.-B. Delzant, E. Kurdziel and C. Revest.

Monday, June 3rd. 3:00 PM.

Seminar Room, Ecole Française de Rome, Roma, Piazza Navona, 62.


Céline Fercot (Associate Professor, University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense)

Antonio Onorati (President of the NGO Crocevia)

Delphine Thivet (Doctoral Candidate, EHESS)